Use hypnosis to work on  specific goals, for example:

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight


Emotional Re-education

Improve Concentration

Manage Pain

Define your own goal

Brief overview of hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a state of "hyper acuity" or super awareness. It is based on one’s ability to cooperate with a suggestion, to concentrate, and become absorbed. It is a state of mind governed by at least three laws of psychology. It is much like watching your favorite movie.  They are as follows:

The Law of Concentrated Attention

The Law of Reverse Effect

The Law of Dominant Effect

The better ones' ability to overcome "the critical factor" the more effective the results. By turning off the "critical" or "analytical" thinking, one can accept suggestions. This occurs when going to a movie in a theater, for example. By "suspending disbelief", the emotions respond according to suggestions received from the screen.